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have a writing goal to meet?

When I was an aspiring writer, more established authors came alongside me and gave me resources, encouragement, and motivation to meet my writing goals. Now, it's my turn to provide that to YOU.

I specialize in helping busy women finish stellar book proposals that get noticed. When you work with me, you'll receive a sample book proposal, guidance on exactly how to complete your own proposal, and constructive feedback along the way. 

The world needs your story, and it's my honor and privilege to help you go from an idea to a proposal you'll be proud to submit to an agent or book editor. 

step-by-step guidance to meeting your writing goals

Ready to work with me?

We'll have an initial conversation about your idea, what constitutes a selling proposal,  and the roadmap to get there.

Next, we'll talk about goals, time management, and your assignments. which will be the most important part of our work together.

In the span of a few weeks to a few months (depending on how much time you can devote to your project), you'll have a finished proposal you can take to a conference or submit to an agent or editor.




I love working with my book coaching clients! I charge $75 per hour for book proposal coaching, which includes a free proposal template, tips about overall strategy, and content feedback.

For more in-depth feedback, I charge by the page at $15/page. I also offer discounts for multiple sessions and paying in advance. For details or to ask questions, please contact me below.

Let's get to work!



"It is easy for me to recommend Dena as a writing coach. She is personable, loves and understands writing and wants to see you succeed. As a successful writer, she understands goal setting and works to meet your individual needs." 

She's more than a coach - she's a mentor and friend. 

"She is knowledgeable as a seasoned and successful writer with a long career in the field. She is also personable and encouraging. She helped me to clearly define and set goals, to determine how to move forward with my writing, and to problem solve obstacles in the process. Her warmth, care and concern along with her experience make her an incredible asset to any aspiring writer!”

I'm so grateful for coaching from Dena!

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No. 1

Different book coaches specialize in different things. Because of my experience, and the years I've been in the book industry, I coach busy women who want to break into  the non-fiction market. That means crafting a stellar book proposal.

No. 2

Depending on the time you can dedicate to research and writing, you can complete a book proposal in as little as a few weeks. Most people take several months to finish, because of jobs, family, and other responsibilities.

No. 3

It's up to you, although I recommend weekly or bi-weekly coaching throughout your writing process. Some people do much better with weekly check-ins because they need the accountability.

No. 4

I don't offer discounts. However, I am developing several courses, which will provide an affordable option for people who can't pay for one-on-one coaching. Sign up for my email list to be notified when those are available.

No. 5

If you want to write for the traditional market (as in, being paid an advance and royalties by a publisher), you'll need a proposal to submit after sending a query to an agent or meeting an editor online or at a conference. Editors rarely want complete manuscripts.

No. 6

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to proof or edit your proposal. I will provide big-picture advice, support, and motivation, as well as practical tools and accountability. I can recommend great editors who can proof and fine-tune your work. 

No. 7

Feel free to email me at info@denadyer.com for any more information!

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