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I love sharing humor and hope with weary, wounded people. My own life hasn't been easy, but God has been so faithful. I'd love to come alongside you in your own journey through my books, articles, teaching, and resources.

I write, speak, and Teach to give women

WELCOME! I’m dena Dyer.


worn out

Tired of feeling worn out when it comes to your family, faith, or life?

BEEN THERE. Done That.
BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay there.

Life can be hard, and God didn't promise us everything would be solved or healed this side of Heaven.

However, I've found that humor helps, surrender brings peace, and weariness--when turned to worship--leads to a deep and lasting joy. It would be my honor and privilege to encourage you as you walk life's path.


I'm a Texas native fueled by copious amounts of coffee. I believe in the power of scripture to transform our lives, and I enjoy sparking that transformation as I speak, write, and teach.

My deepest desire is for God to use the things I've been through to help others find freedom. Along the way, I will encourage you to trade weariness for worship and pray for you to experience deep, lasting joy.

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hello, friends!

I’m Dena Dyer


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This volume contains 52 meaty devotionals, along with prayers, scriptures, and journaling prompts. My prayer is that it will refresh and encourage you in your role as a mom.


Devotional For Moms

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Listen to my story about  depression and anxiety,  discover how my husband and I stay connected, and learn how scripture and other God-given tools helped me heal.

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Learn more about Elizabeth, Anna, Hagar, Leah, and Rachel in this FREE 5-day email Bible study. 

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Weary Women of the Bible

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It's my prayer that these resources will leave you  strengthened in faith, hope, and endurance. Whether you listen to a podcast interview or download a study or e-book, I pray God uplifts and encourages you.

I recommend starting with these resources 

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Greg johnson,
literary agent

"Dena Dyer understands the plight of Christian women. She’s adept at taking biblical characters and bringing them to life for the average Christian woman so they not only can learn from their lives, but are inspired to make the small changes needed to bring their lives back to center."


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I've been writing since the age of 8, and publishing since I was a teen. Along the way, I've written or co-written books about parenthood, marriage, women in scripture, getting older grace-fully and gratefully, and more. Through every project, I pray for God to be glorified and your load to be lightened. 

Hope and Humor for
women in all walks of life

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Best Selling & Award-Winning Author


"In your book 'Let the Crow's Feet and Laugh Lines Come,' there is just the right amount of humor and wisdom. Other books can lean too serious about this topic of aging. You did a great job weaving together humor, biblical advice, and honest personal experience."

I love the style
of your writing.

"We are still getting words of thanks from those who attended the WMU of Texas Annual Meeting in Austin. How can I adequately express my thanks for the marvelous way God used you to lead us? God was among us and spoke to so many."

Thank you for ministering through the offering of your gifts.

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bonnie c.

"Wounded Women of the Bible is an outstanding study! It helped me find comfort and strength as I realized biblical women struggled with some of the same things I do."