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Since I started writing, I've written or co-written books about parenthood, marriage, women in scripture, getting older grace-fully and gratefully, and more. Through every project, I pray for God to be glorified and your load to be lightened. 

My co-author Tina Samples and I get it. We have our own stories of pain before healing--along with similar experiences from our families and friends. Instead of offering pat affirmations or vicarious shoulders to cry on, Tina and I delve deep into the shared emotions and injuries that women of all ages have in common--and move readers toward the recovery and healing that only God can provide.

No matter what hurts you've experienced, we pray this book and study prove that God understands--and that healing is not only His intention but His delight!


Wounded Women of the Bible

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This volume includes 52 meaty devotionals, along with prayers, questions for journaling, and scripture. You'll be encouraged to make God a part of your day, even if you only have a few moments to spare. I pray it encourages and refreshes you as you do one of the hardest yet best jobs in the world.

The 5-Minute Bible Study for Moms

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"Love at First Fight" is a book that will give your marriage encouragement and hope. Do you find that the once endearing, charming, and distinct qualities that initially attracted you to your spouse are now a source of stress and conflict? If so, read on.

In sharing humorous, personal stories from both the male and female perspective, my husband Carey and I  will help you discover that a fun, resilient, fulfilling marriage can be realized through hard work, forgiveness, God’s grace, and a sense of humor.


Love at First Fight

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Find joy and encouragement as you go through life's changes with "Let the Crow’s Feet and Laugh Lines Come." Grounded in faith and practicality, each chapter contains strategies and pointers for finding joy in the challenges presented by the aging process. You’ll glean wisdom from God’s Word and sage advice from others who are walking the same age-old road with grace, hope, and fortitude. 

Let the Crow's Feet & Laugh Lines Come!

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devin b.

"The Biblical stories were truly brought to life by the authors. Some of their viewpoints were new thoughts to me and I found interesting and has helped my spiritual growth. Usually I give books away after reading, however, I still have this as I plan to read many more times."

Wounded Women touched my heart immensely!

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Bonnie c.

It helped me find comfort and strength as I realized biblical women struggled with some of the same things I do.

Wounded Women of the Bible is an outstanding study.

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